Upset the Relationship Between Heart Attacks and Strokes

Someone who has a high risk factor for heart attack and stroke , when angry , can increase heart attack risk fivefold , and stroke up to three times . U.S. researchers who explore the medical literature says anger often precedes a heart attack and could be a trigger . The researchers used data from nine studies involving thousands of respondents .

They identified that the high-risk people are in a dangerous period of approximately two hours after the bubbling anger . That is , the first two hours after a person to vent anger , the risk of heart attack and stroke increases . But they said , still more research is needed to understand the relationship tempered by the risk of heart attack and stroke . However, further research is also needed to find a strategy against stress and prevent heart attacks .

Harvard School of Public Health said , angry people once a month had a lower risk of heart attack . Temperament high impact on a persons health is cumulative . The more often a person is angry , the risk of heart attack and stroke are high .

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