Growth Hormone Deficiency as You Age

Almost every man knows the importance of human growth hormone to muscular development. You may not know, however, that as you get older, HGH levels decline quickly. Ironically, it is during the early years of life that your HGH levels are the highest. After puberty, HGH levels get smaller until you eventually need an HGH releaser to help keep you feeling young and vital.


Even though “raging hormones” is one of the major buzzwords for adolescence, growth hormones aren’t actually raging as much as you might think. From the age of 10 onward, your growth hormone levels sharply decline, as they have mostly finished their job of helping your body grow and develop so that it resembles an adult body. Even though you go through some massive physical changes during adolescence, you go through even more physical changes from the time that you are born to about age 10.

When you see the characteristic first few hairs on your chin, notice that your voice is gradually lowering, or that your muscles are getting harder and stronger, you can know that human growth hormone is what is fueling the changes you are undergoing. When you are 16 years old, your body has about 1300 micrograms of HGH flowing through your bloodstream at any given time, about 1000 micrograms less than during early childhood.

Young Adulthood

At 20 years old, most individuals have reached the conclusion of puberty or at least can begin to see it winding down. You still see the benefits of human growth hormone, however, as your muscles develop faster and stronger than at any other phase of life to come. At this point in life, you will have an average of 800 micrograms of human growth hormone in your bloodstream. This level is still fairly high, but it is nowhere near the 2300 micrograms that were being produced when you were a child. Even though growth hormone deficiency is a problem that commonly affects children, you may suffer from some of the effects well into your adult years. If you have problems with a growth hormone deficiency, make sure to discuss your concerns with your doctor.

During young adulthood, you can see the best weightlifting benefits of human growth hormone. Your body still produces a lot of it, but there are not as many changes taking place in your body, so a lot of the HGH in your body doesn’t have a job. When you lift weights during these years, you will see amazing increases in muscle strength and size because the HGH in your bloodstream will be so beneficial to your weightlifting plan. Look here for full info —

Middle Age

Around the age of 30, your human growth hormone levels drop off an incredible amount, falling below 400 micrograms per day. During early adulthood, your body is much more responsive to physical activity, but during your middle-aged years, you will find that you need to work harder and for a longer period of time to see results. A lot of this can be traced back to lower HGH levels. During these years, you will see a lot of weight gain as human growth hormone levels are not available as readily to build muscle, leading to excess calories being stored as fat rather than muscle.

And Onward…

After your 40’s and moving into your 50’s, your human growth hormone levels are in for more trouble. During your 30’s, your HGH levels decrease by about 2% every year, which means that signs of aging such as wrinkles, gray hair, and weight gain will start to creep into your life as your body does not see the physiological need to continue producing HGH.

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Protective Parenting and Your Child’s Social Development

When it comes to parenting your child, it can be easy to go too far in making sure that they stay safe. We read troubling headlines on a daily basis that fuel our mistrust of others, leading to others terming this fear as “stranger danger.” There are those who deride parents who seem too controlling and protective as “helicopter parents.” Regardless of whether or not these are fair criticisms, the precautions of protective parenting have a definite impact on our children’s perspective of the world around them.

Here are three ways that protective parenting can have consequences on children’s social development and your household:

Children will know how to keep the rest of your household safe

Should your protectiveness make an impression, being safety-conscious with your children can help them facilitate a safer household for everyone involved. Frequently, children behave in ways that endanger families. This can occur by revealing financial or personal details to others in person or online, irresponsible management of house keys or access codes to your security system, and a naivety towards strangers. However, it can be difficult to help young children balance naivety and absolute mistrust, since they tend to over-generalize advice.

They’ll can become better people readers

One result of defensive parenting is that children grow more capable of reading the intentions of people around them. This can help children better guard themselves when they’re away from your supervision. However, overprotective parenting can result in children who are socially maladjusted and mistrustful of even well-meaning strangers. To make sure you aren’t fostering blind mistrust to stunt the social development of your child, always explain the reasons that merit caution rather than just explaining that strangers can be dangerous, or that some things simply shouldn’t be done.

It can result in shyness and depression later in life

While there are benefits to being protective in childrearing, one potential consequence of helicopter parenting is that children will grow to be inappropriately shy – and even become depressed later in adolescence. Research supports the notion that being too protective can result in children feeling repressed and becoming reserved. A moderate amount of risk-taking is a natural part of every child’s development, and not allowing children to explore risks and rewards of social life free from their parents’ constant guidance can leave them not prepared to handle independence later in life.

While each of us wants to protect our children and families, it’s important to remember that healthy child development comes by allowing our young ones to become increasingly independent as they age.